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Faith-Centered creatives

Founded in 2018, GodArts is a multi-generational platform that provides a community for Christian creatives of all ages who are actively pursuing a life in the visual, literary, and performing arts. 

   Here at GodArts, we provide opportunities for
creatives in these 7 disciplines:  

Dance is one of 7 artistic disciplines that GodArt supports for artists at all stages of development. This discipline is open to ballet, choreography, hip-hop, jazz, modern-contemporary, tap, and many other dance forms.


Our Mission.

To identify, cultivate and provide a platform for exceptional artists that has a love for the Gospel message and the arts. 

Our Vision

To empower artists to create art that will transform their church, their city, and the world.

Holding a Tablet

What We Believe

Here at GodArts we seek to be a collective for God’s kingdom, where artists from all artforms come together to give God the glory through the arts.


With that in mind we believe that:

Triune. The Creator.
The Redeemer

He is the one true God who exists eternally in three: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He created the world for His glory and His glory alone. That God sent Christ, His Son, to earth to live a righteous life, and complete a plan to fully redeem the humanity from humanity.

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